Flip Phone Leather Case

After buying a new flip phone, the last thing you want is to drop and damage it. That’s why a case is always a smart investment. If clunky plastic cases turn you off, leather is a fantastic alternative that will continue to look good even with heavy use.

The Vimzer synthetic leather phone case holster seamlessly offers a smart, stylish look while providing maximum protection for your flip phone. Wear it comfortably on your waist with a belt clip or thread it onto your belt using the belt loops. Easily access your flip phone at any time using the magnetic closure which closes automatically to ensure continuous protection of your phone.

The Vimzer synthetic leather phone case holster is a must have accessory for anyone who can’t bear to be apart from their phone.




  1. Protect your flip phone from water and other environmental hazards such as dust, dirt and grime.
  2. Luxurious and durable synthetic leather material.
  3. Secure, one-handed quick release automatic magnetic closure.
  4. Vertical orientation wears comfortably on the hip allowing easy access to the phone case holster at all times.
  5. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Closure Type:

Automatic Magnetic Closure




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